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Finally got around to posting some of our favourite shots from our  fall/2012 photoshoot and some new behind-the-scenes ones, too. Nothing like a long day of shooting to get the sillies going 🙂



Just when you think that you’ve planned for everything and anything, life throws you a curve ball, or balls in our case! Let’s see… our photoshoot location undergoing an unexpected lawn mowing, one of our models pulling a no-show, scrambling at the last minute to call everyone and their mothers for model friends, running behind schedule because of all of the existing hiccups…

But lo and behold we pulled through! Thanks to our amazing team we rolled with the punches and raced the setting sun to a cornfield in time for magic hour. The glowing sky, setting sun and Indian summer breeze made for some gorgeous photos, and giddy models after a long day in the studio were just what we needed.

Here’s a taste of our behind the scenes antics and stay tuned for the full set!


Photographer: Desy Cheng (RF Productions)
Hair + Makeup Artist: Lindsay MacLean
Models: Leala Selina, Desiree Wallace, Jhena Wallace

A bit of an understatement to say we were a little overdue for a photoshoot. I’m not going to lie and say that it was all part of the plan. A more likely scenario: sitting down at our weekly meeting and thinking, “Wow, I’m bored of our old photos… Let’s do a photoshoot!” No exaggeration, that’s how we make our decisions.

We’ve gotten into the habit of actually planning somewhat in advance lately. Rewind to mid-August when the photoshoot plans started to take shape. Thinking about all the planning that needed to be done (models, hair, makeup, photographer, wardrobe, clutches) we settled on a mid to late September photoshoot. “Perfect – the sun will be shining and the air will be crisp as we make our gradual descent into fall!” As Vancouverites, we tend to be overly optimistic and hopeful when it comes to the weather, and late September decided to prove this point without exception.

So it’s the week before the shoot, and I’m feverishly checking the weather. As usual, the forecast has been like Oprah’s waistline, yo-yoing from one extreme to the other. We’d envisioned a sunny naturescape setting for the perfect “summer day” photoshoot, and the thought of soggy dresses and waterlogged clutches in a muddy field did not rest easy. Despite my own reassuring thoughts and the fact that I was clinging to a sunny prediction from two weeks ago, the Weather Network was showing a POP of 90% and up to 50mm of rain – officially time to panic. We began combing the web for “top photoshoot locations in the rain in Vancouver” with little luck and desperately called any indoor/covered gardens we could think of. After a lot of the same answers (“sorry, you’ll need to book in advance”) we finally had a lead – the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden‘s neighbouring park! Beautifully enclosed in the heart of Chinatown, the park features whimsical bridges, pagodas and a plethora of flora and fauna. One problem down, another to go…

The day of the shoot delivered as promised –  rain, rain and more rain with the gloomiest grey clouds we had seen in months. Rolling with the punches, we broke out the wellies, armed ourselves with garbage bags and jackets, and headed to our location. Unexpectedly we witnessed the miracle of all miracles, something was finally going our way! We arrived at the shoot and the rain began to dissolve. Nothing but puddles and soggy ground were left and the sun even broke for a few glorious minutes. Hurray!

The next couple of rainless hours flew by in a haze of amazing shots, leaving us excited for our next shoot. (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)

You can see some of our favourite shots in the fall/2011 photoshoot gallery.

Thanks to our talented models, photographer and makeup artist for making this all happen!

Photographer:  Desy Cheng from Kai Film & Photography and RF Productions
Models:  Joddi Alden and Allison Hamilton
Hair & Makeup:  Lindsay MacLean
Wardrobe:  Frocks
Location:  Sun Yat Sen Park, Vancouver

With business picking up and bridal season well underway, we figured that it was about time for a photoshoot! We have hundreds of pictures of our clutches on their own but very few with models, and we all know that seeing a clutch in someone’s hand makes it all the more attractive! Especially since we’ve come out with new designs and colour combinations, we knew we were long overdue for a photoshoot.

The whole photoshoot really just came about on a whim – our good friend, Desy, an acclaimed photographer and videographer from RF Productions had offered to help us with a photoshoot. Working around his busy schedule, we only had a week or so to plan but miraculously, things just came together. We knew that we wanted something classic with that old Hollywood glamour, so we got in-touch with Kathryn from Pure Something who we had met earlier this year at the Project Wedding show. She was more than happy to have her dresses featured in the photos and let us take our pick of her beautiful and intricate designs.

So now that we had the dresses, we needed a venue. Since we were going for old Hollywood, we knew it was going to be difficult to find an appropriate setting. When I think vintage furnishings, I tend to think grandma’s living room and antique stores – so how were we going to re-create this? Luckily, there is one place in Downtown Vancouver where the living room takes you right back in time. The West End Guesthouse treats its guests to beautifully preserved antique furniture in this turn-of-the century bed and breakfast. This would be the PERFECT place for our photoshoot!

Now just add in a hair and make-up artist and a handful of models, and you have yourself a photoshoot!

The day went off without a hitch – you couldn’t have asked for more as everyone was professional, easy going and ready to work. Even better were the results! I expected only a handful of good shots (typical of a photoshoot) but it seems like almost everyone of them was editorial material – see for yourself:

Click here to see more photos from the shoot!

Thanks again to everyone who worked on this photoshoot – couldn’t have done it without you!

Photography by Desy Cheng from RF Productions

Dresses by Kathryn Bass from Pure Something

Hair and makeup by Shaina Azad

Models:  Lien Dilewijins, Stephanie Craigon & Leala Selina

Location: The West End Guest House, Downtown Vancouver

With the summer winding down and bridal season coming to a close, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a fall photoshoot! Our last set of photos were light and summery, with Rosie modeling airy sundresses in parks and gardens. This time we went in a slightly different direction. We wanted focus on ROMANCE – young couples, date night and going out! The backdrop was beautiful Vancouver, with historical Gastown and the new Vancouver Convention Centre setting the scene.

Here are a few favourites:

Back in April, Davie & Chiyo had its very first photo shoot with a model.

I chose to be our model, my friend and co-worker from my part time job, Rosy Yang. She is born and raised in Korea, and now lives in Vancouver with her Italian fiance, and she is drop-dead GORGEOUS. I have been eying her for months now, wanting her to model for Davie & Chiyo. Not only is she naturally beautiful, she has the best sense of style IN THE WORLD. So I knew long before we even started talking about the photo shoot that she was going to make my life very very easy if I chose her to model Davie & Chiyo products.  And I was right.

Along with another friend from work, JinHee, who is a hobby photographer, we spent just a couple of hours or so at this heritage park in the middle of Downtown Vancouver. The two of us took over 300 pictures together, and got some amazing results!

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