Back in April, Davie & Chiyo had its very first photo shoot with a model.

I chose to be our model, my friend and co-worker from my part time job, Rosy Yang. She is born and raised in Korea, and now lives in Vancouver with her Italian fiance, and she is drop-dead GORGEOUS. I have been eying her for months now, wanting her to model for Davie & Chiyo. Not only is she naturally beautiful, she has the best sense of style IN THE WORLD. So I knew long before we even started talking about the photo shoot that she was going to make my life very very easy if I chose her to model Davie & Chiyo products.  And I was right.

Along with another friend from work, JinHee, who is a hobby photographer, we spent just a couple of hours or so at this heritage park in the middle of Downtown Vancouver. The two of us took over 300 pictures together, and got some amazing results!