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After months of anticipation, it’s finally here… we’ve officially launched the new!

Feeling a lot like some proud parents, we’ve been working tirelessly on this baby. Countless pots of coffee, late (sleepless) nights, tears, sweat and maybe even a few disagreements but it was worth it. We are so excited to unveil our new website, which ties together all aspects of Davie & Chiyo, from shopping our latest designs to the chronicles of the Davie & Chiyo team on our blog.

To celebrate the big news, all purchases made between now and Sunday, March 10th will receive 15% OFF with the promo code WELCOME15. So please, take a look around, get comfortable and maybe even stay awhile…

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site, so feel free to drop us a line at

Cheers xoxo

PS. We have a lot of catching up to do, so stay tuned for plenty of new… EVERYTHING!


Tea party perfect, this devine little sandwich of delicate lace, luxe silk charmeuse and crisp dupioni is every bit as decadent as its sugary counterpart. The latest confectionary carryall to the Davie & Chiyo bridal line boasts this season’s blush hues with an understated antique brass frame. Bon appetit!

Macaron Clutch ($76)

Check out the new watercoloured purses from our print collection.

Gray Painted Roses

Gray Painted Roses

Blush Painted Roses

Blush Painted Roses



Welcome some new flora and fauna to the Davie & Chiyo Family!


Teal Peacock Clutch

White Bloom

White Bloom


Lilac Peacock Clutch

White Bloom

Mulberry Lilac Clutch

Pretty printed purses are perfect for patio season!


Peacock Clutch


Sunnyside Clutch

Here at Davie & Chiyo, we have been creating our bags using our 8.5″ frame (and 6″ for kids!) for the past few years. Judging by a peek into some of your bags, no one has any problems keeping them full. We were looking for our keys in our own jam-packed clutch and realized, “Hey, sometimes bigger is better!” So now we’re happy to offer you the Size L if you tend to be packrats like we are. We carry our life in our purse, so we are thrilled that the new clutch is roomy enough to fit all of those little (or not so little) extras.
Birds of a Feather
In our Birds of a Feather clutch, the “animal-print” adds a pop to any outfit. With plenty of room for more than just your staples, you can load and reload to take it from a summer wedding to a night on the town.
Going to a sunny wedding? Make sure to stay skin-safe and pack in your sunscreen and your sunnies. Be prepared to battle the heat with a paper fan or a mini-mister. A dainty handkerchief is all you need to blot up those tears.
Getting ready to hit the clubs? You never know what could happen, so bring a travel first aid kit complete with Advil, Bandaids and emergency tape. Show your tootsies some love and pack a pair of roll-up ballet flats.
What do you plan on fitting in your extra long bag?


Photo credit: Megapixel Eyes

Cherry blossoms are the quintessential spring blossom, but I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for magnolias. They’re out in full bloom and we’ve definitely taken notice. We have some new offerings that echo the magenta and and cream tepals of this often overlooked flower.


Battle of Magenta Clutch

Chandelier Clutch

But don’t worry. We still have plenty of offerings for Team Sakura.

New to the shop, our latest Butterfly clutches for Spring!

Butterfly Clutch – Seashell & Champagne

Butterfly Clutch – Vintage

Butterfly Clutch – Champagne on Black

If you liked it then you should’ve put a PIN on it…

In the beginning we couldn’t understand all the hype around pinning… “So what!?! You just start collecting things you like? What’s the big deal?!? That’s definitely NOT going to catch on…”

Fast forward a couple of months and we’ve (shamefully) jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon! Such a simple idea (honestly, who doesn’t love collecting things) and the amazing things is that it’s the perfect tool for those of us in the early stages of wedding planning (and especially those who are too lazy to start clipping magazines for an “inspiration file”… *guilty*). If you have yet to catch the Pinterest bug, it’s as simple as seeing something you like online and pinning it to one of your category boards. You can be as broad or as detailed with your pinboards as you like, from “wedding decor” to “wedding favors”, the world is your oyster!

We’ve been carefully curating inspiration boards of all things dreamy and bridal, so let us inspire you and follow us on Pinterest!



We love the look of a perfectly accessorized bridal party (it’s the icing on the proverbial cake), so we’re upping the ante on our bridal set discount!

Orders of…
3 or more clutches – 20% OFF
5 or more clutches – 30% OFF

Don’t forget that this discount applies to a variety of clutches of any style or colour, so mix and match ’til your hearts content! Click here for our custom order and bridesmaids section.

TREND: We’ve been seeing a lot of brides opting to have their bridesmaids carry whimsical, floral clutches down the aisle instead of the traditional bouquet. A beautiful keepsake that can be personalized with a bridesmaid’s name or favourite colour lining!

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