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SORRY for the unexpected hiatus from the blog but rest assured, we’re back on track! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind summer with a late rush of last minute brides but we all know that wedding planning is hectic and it’s all those last minute details that keep you sleepless and wide-eyed right up until the night before. (Yikes!)

As of late, we’ve been busy combing through all of the amazing custom orders that our 2012 summer brides dreamed up and have shared some of our favourites in our Clutch Gallery. Pop over, take a look and get inspired…

Here’s to an amazing fall ❤


I was coming up with a wedding concept for my lovely friends that are getting married next summer. I know, it’s far away, but shopping and planning takes time! It’s supposed to be a small intimate affair for thirty with the family providing the catering and decorations. We were brainstorming everything they liked: camping, school, horror movies…

Then it hit us. What brought them together? A mug of warm tea. So we’re arranging a tea party! It’s really quite a cute idea as it lends itself easily to food, decor and even attire.

The Food

High Tea: When it came to the reception, they had already decided on passed canapés. So high tea was a natural progression. Some of my favourite ideas come from Martha Stewart — of course! Cucumber sandwiches are always a classic, but these mini grilled cheese sandwiches are both simple and a fun throw back to childhood. To make it a bit more elegant we’re also set on serving her deviled quail eggs and gravlax and cucumber crostini. To round it out we plan on having platters of farm-fresh crudites laden with summer veggies and local cheeses. Macarons are always fun and provide the perfect opportunity to complement the wedding decor.

Tea: Oh and of course, a tea party wouldn’t be complete without tea. T Leaves is one of my favourite companies. They have a wide assortment of high quality leaves and plenty of options for wedding favours. I’ve also been getting into David’s Tea, which provides plenty of fun options and new takes on classic blends.

The Decor

There are so many options! Luckily, there are plenty of DIY ideas out there. Some of the favourite things we found:

Teapot Vase: We can collect a wide assortment of teapots through Etsy or by simply thrifting at home.

Teacup Candles: Another idea for ambiance and guest favours would be this super easy candles. Plenty of Etsyers provide their wares or Martha can show us how to make them.

the Attire

When it comes to the tea party theme, it can translate to clothing by being classic or colour coordinated.

Tea-length Dresses: Shortened dresses are practical for bride and bridesmaid alike! It allows for an ease of movement, plus gives bridesmaids the option of re-wearing their dress at a later date. Plus, who wouldn’t want to wear less fabric on a hot August day?

Tea Coloured Accessories: Simple beiges, browns and chocolates add a richness and elegance. Plus if anyone happens to spill their tea, no one will be the wiser!

So what do you think ladies? Would you raise your teacup to this theme?

Etsy expanded on their new Weddings section by adding a Registry. Department store registries can be limited in their wares and one store may not fit all of your tastes. What are you and your sweetie to do? You could register at multiple stores, but trust me, it’s a hassle. On the other hand, Etsy’s Registry is anything but!
So how easy is it really?
Log in with an Etsy account.
If you’re familiar with us, chances are you’re already registered.
Enter your wedding date.
Hopefully you’ve already made the choice.
Enter the name of you and your fiance
Same answer as above.
Start shopping!
It’s just like adding to favorites, but click the Add to Registry button instead!
If both of you know exactly what you want, that’s perfect! However, some couples need a little guidance. Etsy suggests six categories to look at: Dining & EntertainingKitchenHousewares & DecorFurnitureElectronics and Lifestyle. Each gallery is stocked with interesting and popular items that are perfect for newlyweds. Browse to your heart’s content to figure out what you and your sweetie want in your new life.
Additionally, there’s an Other category for everything else! You can ask for items that are practical for you that may be atypical for a traditional registry. Let’s face it, the friends and family attending your wedding won’t be too surprised by the requests!
When you’re all done, sharing with your guests is as simple as filling in your full names and choosing the shipping address. Etsy gives you the option of copying the URL, embedding a link, printing off an announcement card or sharing over social media. Additionally, if you missed some guests, they can simply search by your names and wedding date to find your registry!
See? Easy peasy. And you didn’t even have to put shoes on.

Earlier this spring, Etsy unveiled their new Weddings section. Weddings, while fabulous, can be also be completely overwhelming. Knowing what happens in the time leading up to the wedding, it’s always a relief to see the new couple still smiling on their wedding day.

In the past few years, I have and will play bridesmaid and/or wedding coach to four of my dearest friends. After the engagement celebrations were over, I would be the one to mention actually planning the wedding and booking the venue. Each couple had a different timeline between engagement and ceremony (three months away, three years away, three shrugs away…), but either way someone had to start. I’d go over with a bottle of wine and a sketchbook to let the fun begin. Some fiancés needed no help, as they had every detail of their wedding planned since they were ten. Other people were confused about what you’re supposed to do at a wedding. Some friends were a fountain of questions as they needed to know what’s fashionable now to make sure their wedding was modern yet unique. Other friends answered my questions with panicked cries for pizza, dog walking or anything else that wasn’t wedding planning.

It’s amazing that a query as simple as, “So, what colour do you like?” can be completely overwhelming. Namely because it would so easily segue into other questions.

“Pink! Magenta! Wait, what would go best with magenta? Teal? Blue? Apple Green?
“If I do this will I be too trendy? Too dated? Too obvious? 
“No, seriously, where can I find a fascinator in that colour? …Wait, what’s a fascinator?
“What should I wear? No, wait, what do you want to wear? Wait, what do you think I should wear?”

I’ve come to realize that sometimes the best thing you can do as a coach is to let the players learn for themselves.

Now with Etsy wedding planning is simplified. How is Etsy doing it?

To start, they’ve simplified your shopping list into six categories: Paper GoodsBridal AccessoriesDecorDressesRings and Wedding Party. That way you can attack one question at a time without being overwhelmed by every single option. Subcategories give you guidance, getting you closer and closer to the seller that shares your vision. Each gallery shows several interpretations of the one wedding detail you’re focusing on.

The gallery listing saves plenty of time if you’re already organized and know exactly what you need. If you know you need four Clutches for your bridesmaids, you can quickly compare and contrast all of Etsy’s bridal purse offerings.

For those that are unsure of what you’re supposed to do, just look around. The subcategories can give you some insight on what people typically include in their weddings. When you’re clicking around Paper Goods, by no means should you think you have to send Save the Date Cards and Engagement Notifications. However, it does work as a reminder that you probably should send out Thank You Cards.

The Trend section pulls from what’s hot in weddings, fashion and design today. It’s a great resource to see what other couples have done to embrace their quirky and romantic sides. Alternative Bouquets and Blue Bridal Garters are cute little touches that set your wedding photos apart. Photo booths are such a great idea that now they’re ubiquitous in modern day weddings. You can still personalize them with Photo Booth Props to make the trend your own. Or go back a few decades and modernize the formerly passé tradition of Custom Cake Toppers.

Additionally, they also have a lovely Stories and Advice section to realize you’re not alone. It’s a collection of thoughtful articles and blog posts by people that were once in your shoes that once had the same questions as you did. Whether you need to pick your theme or find your ring or confront your anxiety or learn how-to make one extra detail yourself, someone else has done it before. The article diversity is impressive as it demonstrates that everyone and anyone can still have their dream wedding, regardless of how organized they were when they got engaged.

At the end of the day, all details aside, the only thing that matters is that you’re still smiling.

If you liked it then you should’ve put a PIN on it…

In the beginning we couldn’t understand all the hype around pinning… “So what!?! You just start collecting things you like? What’s the big deal?!? That’s definitely NOT going to catch on…”

Fast forward a couple of months and we’ve (shamefully) jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon! Such a simple idea (honestly, who doesn’t love collecting things) and the amazing things is that it’s the perfect tool for those of us in the early stages of wedding planning (and especially those who are too lazy to start clipping magazines for an “inspiration file”… *guilty*). If you have yet to catch the Pinterest bug, it’s as simple as seeing something you like online and pinning it to one of your category boards. You can be as broad or as detailed with your pinboards as you like, from “wedding decor” to “wedding favors”, the world is your oyster!

We’ve been carefully curating inspiration boards of all things dreamy and bridal, so let us inspire you and follow us on Pinterest!



A little over a month ago we were lucky enough to be featured in a sweet little post by Carly Kmyta titled “What’s In My Bag“. Aside from the extremely cute contents of her clutch, we were impressed by her serious packing skills, as she packed the contents of most people’s larger bags into one dainty little Bow Clutch!

Still in awe of the contents of Carly’s clutch, the wheels began to turn, and a few weeks ago we received this brilliant wedding photo from one of our brides, Laurie:

Ping! The lightbulb went off and there was the idea for March contest! So here’s the deal:

1) Post a picture of your Davie & Chiyo clutch and all its goodies on OUR Facebook page.

2) Share a link to your picture on YOUR Facebook wall and get your friends to like your picture.

3) The picture with the most LIKES will win this spring-ready Pretty Pleats Clutch!

The Fine Print: One entry per person. Contest closes on Monday, March 12, 2012 at 11:59PM PST.

UPDATE:  Oops! Realizing now that we may have some issues with our giveaway… sharing your photo on your wall doesn’t get you LIKES on our fb page 😦

Photo posts are now considered entries and we’ll randomly select a winner!

(Sorry for the technical difficulties…)

Over the years Vera Wang has grown to become the epitome of the fairytale wedding, dressing everyone who’s anyone. Known for her custom gowns and celebrity brides, from Gossip Girl’s Miss Blair to Victoria Beckham to Kim K’s 30 second wedding (let’s be honest, the only lasting memory we have are her fabulous gowns), Vera Wang’s dreamy creations have also been associated with a price tag only worthy of a celebrity budget… that is until now.

One year ago, Vera Wang debuted her White by Vera Wang collection exclusively at David’s Bridal, and in it’s second year is flourishing with a collection of floaty and romantic wedding gowns and accessories. A plethora of silhouettes, fabrics, colours and cuts are sure to please a bride of any style and even those with the most discerning of tastes. The icing on the (wedding) cake is that you don’t have to spend your entire wedding budget on your dream dress. Gowns in the collection range from an affordable $500 to $1500, with bridesmaids dresses topping out at $200.

“Every bride deserves to have great design. I believe the bride knows who she is and how she wants to look and feel on her special day. Every gown I create reflects that respect for other women and how much design means to me.

This season, I’ve taken inspiration from the delicate form of flowers and their feminine appeal. It is my continued pleasure to provide an array of romantic, classic, and whimsical fashion for the entire bridal party. I am prod to bring my deisngs to more women everywhere through the White by Vera wang collection at David’s Bridal.”  –Vera Wang




It’s those small details that make something amazing just absolutely PERFECT. Whether it’s a satin ribbon tied just so, something special that let’s him know you love him, a delicately draped veil or that keepsake that will always remind you of your big day… it’s those little things that go a long way!

Davie & Chiyo Corsage Clutch – $138

BHLDN Peachy Keen Fingerless Gloves – $70

Davie & Chiyo Hand-stitched Silk Heart – $7

Agnes Hart Birdcage Veil – $185

Davie & Chiyo Custom Message Label – $5

BHLDN Sunbleached Belt – $380

Can’t help but fall in love with lace…

Classically beautiful, the delicate and dreamy fabric brings a vintage feel to today’s modern weddings. We’re loving this trend for its subtlety, so don’t overdo it! Lace doesn’t just mean fabric either – you can really play with the lace motif in interesting prints that utilize the negative space for a new twist on a classic fabric.

WHITE Magazine featured our Antoinette Clutch in their own ‘Loving Lace’ spread.


What goes better with white than WHITE?!

The classic white wedding never goes out of style; crisp, timeless and perfectly polished! The clean colour palette means that you can really play with texture – picture a plethora of petals, gauzy chiffon or delicate lace. Fittingly, Australia’s WHITE Magazine featured our Dreams Clutch in their White Out spread.

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