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Lauren from The Connecticut Bride Magazine has been chronicling her amazing finds, milestones and latest tips as she plans her own wedding.



Even with everything bridal at her fingertips, she still peruses Etsy for those unique and one of a kind pieces that make for a stand out wedding. She came across our little shop and chose our Pretty Pleats Clutch with Buttercup Flowers for herself. In her review, she notes that “the attention to detail is fantastic” and that “for a high quality bridal clutch, it’s worth every penny”.



A recommendation from an expert – we couldn’t ask for more!

You can read the full review on the The Connecticut Bride Blog.



We LOVE Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers!

I first came across Julie’s blog when Fumi sent me an email saying, “omg, i looooove this blog!” with a link to Peanut Butter Fingers. I wasn’t sure what it was about (Fumi can be pretty random sometimes) so I clicked the link to find out. I immediately loooooved Julie’s blog – she’s a fitness and food fanatic who is making plans for her big trip down the aisle – and I could completely relate (minus the wedding planning, of course). I loved how she chronicled her daily life and most importantly, food!

I wasn’t quite sure where or how Fumi found this blog but I thought that Julie could definitely use one of our clutches for her big day. We sent her our Ivory Rosa Iceberg Clutch, which she just blogged about and it turns out she was already a Davie & Chiyo fan! Julie originally posted two of our clutches (Ivory Chiffon Ruffles and Rose Pink Bow) in her September 1st post where she asked readers to help her choose a wedding day clutch. Given that two of the three options were D&C clutches, I think it’s safe to say that it was meant to be!

Click here to see Julie’s review of her Ivory Rosa Iceberg Clutch and here to get your own Ivory Rosa Iceberg Clutch.

Just because you’re burping babies, changing diapers and cleaning baby food out of your hair, doesn’t mean that you can’t be oh-so-chic while you’re doing it!

Amanda is the perfect example of a mom who has kept her sense of style despite becoming a mother of twins. As a result she combined her two loves, motherhood and fashion, into the sweet blog known as Chasing Twins in Louboutins. She updates her blog almost daily on everything from her new haircut to the latest in diaper bag bliss, as well as her most recent fashion obsessions.

As a fellow Etsy-lover, Amanda spotted our shop and fell in love with our clutches. She loved the handmade and timeless designs, and reviewed her own Navy Bow Clutch on her blog. She’ll be heading to Chicago in the next week, so hopefully we’ll get to see some pictures of our clutch in action.

Click here to read Amanda’s full review on Chasing Twins in Louboutins and here to purchase your own Navy Bow Clutch.

It looks like we’re developing quite the fan base on

september2010bride just posted a rave review of her Pretty Pleats Clutch with Chiffon Flower Brooch. She’s so excited that she’s already planning her clutch and accessories photos during her “getting ready” photos on the day of her wedding. Love it!

Click here to read her full review.

marlaann2010 wrote a sweet little review upon receiving her Chiffon Ruffles Clutch. She describes our clutches as being “one of a kind clutches that are beautifully constructed, elegant and reasonably priced” and “the perfect size to fit all my day-of goodies.”

Click here to read marlaann2010’s full review on

It’s always good to hear about another satisfied customer!

athena85 was kind enough to share her excitement over her new Davie & Chiyo bridal bags on Project Wedding. Having just gotten engaged over Easter, she joined Project Wedding as a planning resource from which to draw ideas and inspirations, and has began to chronicle her own wedding plans – from dress to flowers to clutches.

In late July, she excitedly detailed her order that she placed on Etsy, going on to describe each clutch, the colours and the reasoning behind each choice. Very recently, she received her order in the mail, and couldn’t be more pleased! She goes on to say that she “was beyond excited when [she] saw them and squealed with joy,” and even went on to post pictures of her custom Rosa Iceberg, Three Frills and Rosettes clutches.

Thanks athena85!

Click here to follow athena85 on Project Wedding.

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