Just when you think that you’ve planned for everything and anything, life throws you a curve ball, or balls in our case! Let’s see… our photoshoot location undergoing an unexpected lawn mowing, one of our models pulling a no-show, scrambling at the last minute to call everyone and their mothers for model friends, running behind schedule because of all of the existing hiccups…

But lo and behold we pulled through! Thanks to our amazing team we rolled with the punches and raced the setting sun to a cornfield in time for magic hour. The glowing sky, setting sun and Indian summer breeze made for some gorgeous photos, and giddy models after a long day in the studio were just what we needed.

Here’s a taste of our behind the scenes antics and stay tuned for the full set!


Photographer: Desy Cheng (RF Productions)
Hair + Makeup Artist: Lindsay MacLean
Models: Leala Selina, Desiree Wallace, Jhena Wallace