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I was coming up with a wedding concept for my lovely friends that are getting married next summer. I know, it’s far away, but shopping and planning takes time! It’s supposed to be a small intimate affair for thirty with the family providing the catering and decorations. We were brainstorming everything they liked: camping, school, horror movies…

Then it hit us. What brought them together? A mug of warm tea. So we’re arranging a tea party! It’s really quite a cute idea as it lends itself easily to food, decor and even attire.

The Food

High Tea: When it came to the reception, they had already decided on passed canapés. So high tea was a natural progression. Some of my favourite ideas come from Martha Stewart — of course! Cucumber sandwiches are always a classic, but these mini grilled cheese sandwiches are both simple and a fun throw back to childhood. To make it a bit more elegant we’re also set on serving her deviled quail eggs and gravlax and cucumber crostini. To round it out we plan on having platters of farm-fresh crudites laden with summer veggies and local cheeses. Macarons are always fun and provide the perfect opportunity to complement the wedding decor.

Tea: Oh and of course, a tea party wouldn’t be complete without tea. T Leaves is one of my favourite companies. They have a wide assortment of high quality leaves and plenty of options for wedding favours. I’ve also been getting into David’s Tea, which provides plenty of fun options and new takes on classic blends.

The Decor

There are so many options! Luckily, there are plenty of DIY ideas out there. Some of the favourite things we found:

Teapot Vase: We can collect a wide assortment of teapots through Etsy or by simply thrifting at home.

Teacup Candles: Another idea for ambiance and guest favours would be this super easy candles. Plenty of Etsyers provide their wares or Martha can show us how to make them.

the Attire

When it comes to the tea party theme, it can translate to clothing by being classic or colour coordinated.

Tea-length Dresses: Shortened dresses are practical for bride and bridesmaid alike! It allows for an ease of movement, plus gives bridesmaids the option of re-wearing their dress at a later date. Plus, who wouldn’t want to wear less fabric on a hot August day?

Tea Coloured Accessories: Simple beiges, browns and chocolates add a richness and elegance. Plus if anyone happens to spill their tea, no one will be the wiser!

So what do you think ladies? Would you raise your teacup to this theme?


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