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Gray Painted Roses

Gray Painted Roses

Blush Painted Roses

Blush Painted Roses




Welcome some new flora and fauna to the Davie & Chiyo Family!


Teal Peacock Clutch

White Bloom

White Bloom


Lilac Peacock Clutch

White Bloom

Mulberry Lilac Clutch

Don’t think D&C doesn’t feel love for their southern neighbours! I had an amazing Canad’Eh, but I’m still getting jealous while talking to my American friends about their festivities (not to mention the weather!) My dear friend is visiting her boyfriend in Chicago and I am so jealous. Not only will she get to soak up the sun, but she has planned a super fun (yet practical) day to enjoy the fireworks at Navy Pier.
She has been tinkering for weeks and let me in on the plans when she was packing. I was returning her favourite clutch to her as she had asked us to convert it to a cross-body bag. She explained that she could wear her purse all day and not worry about misplacing it in the dark post-fireworks. (Smart, huh?)
She was planning on walking around all day, so she wanted to stay light. Collapsible water bottles are a great refillable option since they fold flat and weigh next to nothing when empty. Sunscreen on a carabiner easily straps onto the chain and works as a reminder to constantly reapply.  Also, she had found a pattern for a foldable picnic blanket that she could easily throw over her shoulder and jam in her suitcase.
She was going to go full out and enjoy Chicago for the pizza and hotdogs while she was there, but she still wanted to share something under the glow of the fireworks. At first she really wanted to make her favourite apple pie, but realized it wouldn’t survive the trek. Instead she settled on individual blueberry cobblers which are still just as festive but actually portable! The lack of lattice means they’ll survive the tumble of airport check in.
What can I say? My girl is both practical and super organized! I can’t wait to catch up with her!
It’s Canad’Eh tomorrow! I have been looking forward to this day off all summer (all 11 days of it!) I love long weekends since they finally give me a chance to enjoy the summer and have an excuse to celebrate. I’m not exactly one to wear the flag as a cape or run around in those I Maple Leaf Canada shirts… but I definitely love to get festive.
Maple Leaf Jewelry: I love that it is so patriotic, yet it seamlessly blends into the rest of my jewelry collection.

Sephora’s Rouge Cream Lipstick in The Red

Bright Red Lipstick: I am seriously in love with Sephora’s Rouge Cream Lipstick. Perfectly creamy and classic. If you’re more of a MAC fan, Russian Red has never let me down.

camper’s Rachael at Gravity Pope

Sassy Sandals: And hey, if you want to support a Canadian company in it’s 22nd year, all of Gravity Pope’s regular price items are 20% until July 8th!
Red Bags: Oh man, I really need to stop collecting these since I already have the Scarlet Classic Bow, Cherry Audrey Bow and a Dark Red Rosettes on Pleats, but they just add the perfect pop to my neutral wardrobe.
Clamato: Oh and the best Canadian accessory ever, the Caesar! Every Canada Day a group of my friends has the challenge to make the best Caesar. My 2012 entry will include a Montreal Steak Spice Rim, pickled garlic scape garnish and a few drops of liquid smoke! I’m sure Walter Chell would be proud.

Pretty printed purses are perfect for patio season!


Peacock Clutch


Sunnyside Clutch

Etsy expanded on their new Weddings section by adding a Registry. Department store registries can be limited in their wares and one store may not fit all of your tastes. What are you and your sweetie to do? You could register at multiple stores, but trust me, it’s a hassle. On the other hand, Etsy’s Registry is anything but!
So how easy is it really?
Log in with an Etsy account.
If you’re familiar with us, chances are you’re already registered.
Enter your wedding date.
Hopefully you’ve already made the choice.
Enter the name of you and your fiance
Same answer as above.
Start shopping!
It’s just like adding to favorites, but click the Add to Registry button instead!
If both of you know exactly what you want, that’s perfect! However, some couples need a little guidance. Etsy suggests six categories to look at: Dining & EntertainingKitchenHousewares & DecorFurnitureElectronics and Lifestyle. Each gallery is stocked with interesting and popular items that are perfect for newlyweds. Browse to your heart’s content to figure out what you and your sweetie want in your new life.
Additionally, there’s an Other category for everything else! You can ask for items that are practical for you that may be atypical for a traditional registry. Let’s face it, the friends and family attending your wedding won’t be too surprised by the requests!
When you’re all done, sharing with your guests is as simple as filling in your full names and choosing the shipping address. Etsy gives you the option of copying the URL, embedding a link, printing off an announcement card or sharing over social media. Additionally, if you missed some guests, they can simply search by your names and wedding date to find your registry!
See? Easy peasy. And you didn’t even have to put shoes on.

Earlier this spring, Etsy unveiled their new Weddings section. Weddings, while fabulous, can be also be completely overwhelming. Knowing what happens in the time leading up to the wedding, it’s always a relief to see the new couple still smiling on their wedding day.

In the past few years, I have and will play bridesmaid and/or wedding coach to four of my dearest friends. After the engagement celebrations were over, I would be the one to mention actually planning the wedding and booking the venue. Each couple had a different timeline between engagement and ceremony (three months away, three years away, three shrugs away…), but either way someone had to start. I’d go over with a bottle of wine and a sketchbook to let the fun begin. Some fiancés needed no help, as they had every detail of their wedding planned since they were ten. Other people were confused about what you’re supposed to do at a wedding. Some friends were a fountain of questions as they needed to know what’s fashionable now to make sure their wedding was modern yet unique. Other friends answered my questions with panicked cries for pizza, dog walking or anything else that wasn’t wedding planning.

It’s amazing that a query as simple as, “So, what colour do you like?” can be completely overwhelming. Namely because it would so easily segue into other questions.

“Pink! Magenta! Wait, what would go best with magenta? Teal? Blue? Apple Green?
“If I do this will I be too trendy? Too dated? Too obvious? 
“No, seriously, where can I find a fascinator in that colour? …Wait, what’s a fascinator?
“What should I wear? No, wait, what do you want to wear? Wait, what do you think I should wear?”

I’ve come to realize that sometimes the best thing you can do as a coach is to let the players learn for themselves.

Now with Etsy wedding planning is simplified. How is Etsy doing it?

To start, they’ve simplified your shopping list into six categories: Paper GoodsBridal AccessoriesDecorDressesRings and Wedding Party. That way you can attack one question at a time without being overwhelmed by every single option. Subcategories give you guidance, getting you closer and closer to the seller that shares your vision. Each gallery shows several interpretations of the one wedding detail you’re focusing on.

The gallery listing saves plenty of time if you’re already organized and know exactly what you need. If you know you need four Clutches for your bridesmaids, you can quickly compare and contrast all of Etsy’s bridal purse offerings.

For those that are unsure of what you’re supposed to do, just look around. The subcategories can give you some insight on what people typically include in their weddings. When you’re clicking around Paper Goods, by no means should you think you have to send Save the Date Cards and Engagement Notifications. However, it does work as a reminder that you probably should send out Thank You Cards.

The Trend section pulls from what’s hot in weddings, fashion and design today. It’s a great resource to see what other couples have done to embrace their quirky and romantic sides. Alternative Bouquets and Blue Bridal Garters are cute little touches that set your wedding photos apart. Photo booths are such a great idea that now they’re ubiquitous in modern day weddings. You can still personalize them with Photo Booth Props to make the trend your own. Or go back a few decades and modernize the formerly passé tradition of Custom Cake Toppers.

Additionally, they also have a lovely Stories and Advice section to realize you’re not alone. It’s a collection of thoughtful articles and blog posts by people that were once in your shoes that once had the same questions as you did. Whether you need to pick your theme or find your ring or confront your anxiety or learn how-to make one extra detail yourself, someone else has done it before. The article diversity is impressive as it demonstrates that everyone and anyone can still have their dream wedding, regardless of how organized they were when they got engaged.

At the end of the day, all details aside, the only thing that matters is that you’re still smiling.

I finally had a chance to head down to Sephora this weekend. Pantone has been lauding Tangerine Tango as the colour of 2012, and for once I have to agree. Normally I’m a classic red type of gal, but there’s something about a burst of citrus that just screams that winter is over. I definitely am not brave enough to embrace the trend via full-orange body suit, but there are definitely a few things I’ve been doing to make it my own.


Lips. I have been hunting high and low for that perfect saturated orange for the past 6 months. Amber Heard has been an inspiration, effortlessly pulling off shades that range from rust to coral to scarlet. Sephora’s It Girl is a bright orangey tomato cream making it an easy step if, like me, you can’t let go of your red. For a true orange you may want to try Mac’s Morange or Sail La Vie (if you can get your hands on it).

Nails. Refinery 29 put neon nails as one of their top ten summer trends. I have been loyal to Color Club for years for this exact purpose. Their neon collection utilizes pigments that glow in UV light, taking your nails from normal to neon by simply walking out the door. Psychedelic Scene is a vivacious kumquat that will brighten up your whole look. Lava Lamp turns your fingers into glowing pilons that will surely stop traffic.

Accessories. You can easily take one of our Tangerine purses for a spin to embrace this trend. The elegant lines of the Pretty Pleats in fiery orange add a welcome burst of colour to the plainest work wear or LBD. I prefer simplicity, but a bolder shopper may try the Classic Bow. Just remember, all of our Dupioni silk clutches are completely customizable! See a style you like that would be even better in Tangerine? Just write a Note to Seller telling us so on checkout. Why not choose the Twist Bow and select one of our other 35 shades for an extra pop?

Here at Davie & Chiyo, we have been creating our bags using our 8.5″ frame (and 6″ for kids!) for the past few years. Judging by a peek into some of your bags, no one has any problems keeping them full. We were looking for our keys in our own jam-packed clutch and realized, “Hey, sometimes bigger is better!” So now we’re happy to offer you the Size L if you tend to be packrats like we are. We carry our life in our purse, so we are thrilled that the new clutch is roomy enough to fit all of those little (or not so little) extras.
Birds of a Feather
In our Birds of a Feather clutch, the “animal-print” adds a pop to any outfit. With plenty of room for more than just your staples, you can load and reload to take it from a summer wedding to a night on the town.
Going to a sunny wedding? Make sure to stay skin-safe and pack in your sunscreen and your sunnies. Be prepared to battle the heat with a paper fan or a mini-mister. A dainty handkerchief is all you need to blot up those tears.
Getting ready to hit the clubs? You never know what could happen, so bring a travel first aid kit complete with Advil, Bandaids and emergency tape. Show your tootsies some love and pack a pair of roll-up ballet flats.
What do you plan on fitting in your extra long bag?

Victoria Day is almost over, but don’t let that stop you from treating someone you love (maybe even yourself) like a queen. Champagne lace brings a tinge of vintage sophistication to any object. Our Teatime Clutch and Antoniette Clutch showcase the fabric in two stunning ways. Look through the rest of our store and discover your own way of incorporating this royal fabric into your wardrobe.

Teatime Clutch


Antoinette Clutch

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