We’ve been all about lace lately. Playing up the delicate texture of that intricately patterned fabric, our repertoire of femme designs continues to grow. First the Antoinette, then the Teatime and Bijou, and now the Macaron and Boudoir… it’s hard to pick just one!

Well, who says you have to. The bridesmaid latest trend to make its way through the Davie & Chiyo workshop has to be mixing and matching lace. Whether it’s variations in colours or design, a little bit of lace goes a long way to tie seemingly different clutches together for a new take on that mis-matched bridesmaid look. Have fun and mix it up!

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Macaron, Bijou and Antoinette Clutches

Macaron Clutches

Antoinette Clutches

Antoinette and Teatime Clutches

Boudoir Clutch