Don’t think D&C doesn’t feel love for their southern neighbours! I had an amazing Canad’Eh, but I’m still getting jealous while talking to my American friends about their festivities (not to mention the weather!) My dear friend is visiting her boyfriend in Chicago and I am so jealous. Not only will she get to soak up the sun, but she has planned a super fun (yet practical) day to enjoy the fireworks at Navy Pier.
She has been tinkering for weeks and let me in on the plans when she was packing. I was returning her favourite clutch to her as she had asked us to convert it to a cross-body bag. She explained that she could wear her purse all day and not worry about misplacing it in the dark post-fireworks. (Smart, huh?)
She was planning on walking around all day, so she wanted to stay light. Collapsible water bottles are a great refillable option since they fold flat and weigh next to nothing when empty. Sunscreen on a carabiner easily straps onto the chain and works as a reminder to constantly reapply.  Also, she had found a pattern for a foldable picnic blanket that she could easily throw over her shoulder and jam in her suitcase.
She was going to go full out and enjoy Chicago for the pizza and hotdogs while she was there, but she still wanted to share something under the glow of the fireworks. At first she really wanted to make her favourite apple pie, but realized it wouldn’t survive the trek. Instead she settled on individual blueberry cobblers which are still just as festive but actually portable! The lack of lattice means they’ll survive the tumble of airport check in.
What can I say? My girl is both practical and super organized! I can’t wait to catch up with her!