Okay, I realize that title needs some explanation. So before you go and boycott our brand, you may want to read on.

Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery. Fellow Etsy-er and blogger from Now This Is Life… used our Polished Pleats Pearls and Gems Clutch as inspiration for her bag cake project. She got it right, even down to the details, with a silky, charmeuse-like finish on the clutch and beautiful edible pearls for the centre of the brooch.

I think Heather has it all figured out. The perfect accessory – combining my love of purses with my uncontrollable passion for all things sweet and sugary! *drool*

As a stay-at-home mom, Heather balances a busy schedule (and plenty of stresses) to realize her dream of becoming a chef. Her blog chronicles her trials and tribulations as a culinary student and all her yummy creations along the way.

Click here to read the full entry and see the project up close!