Honestly, girls will find any excuse to party – engagement party, ‘boys suck’ break-up party, Christmas craft party, slumber party, baking party, scrap-booking party, ‘your dog had puppies’ party.. .

Really, I swear I could come up with an occasion to throw a party right now. Ummm… ‘I have to wake up early on Tuesday morning’  PJ party anyone?

Well, if you’re not convinced by my Monday night party attempt, there’s actually a good excuse to throw a party for once. The Canadian Cancer Society has come up with a great concept for guilt-free partying that helps raise money for breast cancer research and gets you gossiping, chatting and hanging out with your girlfriends at the same time. Okay it may not be completely guilt-free with the pizza, brownies, cookies, chips, cupcakes, popcorn… but let’s just say that the charity portion will cancel all of that out.

The idea is that you sign up to host a Girls Night In party, invite your best girlfriends using the tools on the website, come up with a creative way of getting donations and throw a party! Since you and your girlfriends will be staying in for the night guests will often donate an amount that they typically spend on a night out but the skies the limit when it comes to creativity. Sophie, who recently brought this amazing party concept to our attention, hosted a girls DAY in garden party and asked Etsy sellers to donate items for auction. All of the money raised in the auction went straight to the Canadian Cancer Society and Sophie’s guests walked away with some amazing purchases. No buyers’ remorse here!

Click here for info on how to throw your own Girls Night In party.