Just because you’re burping babies, changing diapers and cleaning baby food out of your hair, doesn’t mean that you can’t be oh-so-chic while you’re doing it!

Amanda is the perfect example of a mom who has kept her sense of style despite becoming a mother of twins. As a result she combined her two loves, motherhood and fashion, into the sweet blog known as Chasing Twins in Louboutins. She updates her blog almost daily on everything from her new haircut to the latest in diaper bag bliss, as well as her most recent fashion obsessions.

As a fellow Etsy-lover, Amanda spotted our shop and fell in love with our clutches. She loved the handmade and timeless designs, and reviewed her own Navy Bow Clutch on her blog. She’ll be heading to Chicago in the next week, so hopefully we’ll get to see some pictures of our clutch in action.

Click here to read Amanda’s full review on Chasing Twins in Louboutins and here to purchase your own Navy Bow Clutch.