It seems like once you start planning your own wedding all you can think, read and dream about are weddings. So what better way to channel this new “obsession” than to write about it!

Jingger from i heart vanilla bean has been busy preparing for her big walk down the aisle this winter and as a great side project to her wedding planning, she started her own blog. She posts details of her own wedding along with inspirations, trends and things she just hearts.

One of those inspirations just happened to be our Tiffany Bow Clutch as part of her “#2 Wedding Inspiration.” She picked up the Martha Stewart Weddings issue that featured a great spread with our Bow Clutch and a plethora of other Etsy treasures. She describes Etsy as “the world’s most vibrant and incredible marketplace for all things vintage and handmade. It is the antithesis to all things mass produced or celebrity endorsed. It is a vast resource for all of us.”

Click here to see the feature and follow Jingger on her journey down the aisle.