After I posted the entry about sending in some of your wedding photos in exchange for a store discount, I emailed all of my past customers letting them know about it, and the emails started pouring in!

It was very close as to who were actually the “first three” to send a photo in for the free clutch that I promised. Here are the lucky three:

1. Danielle Maksimow
2. Maria Soldo
3. Jeanne Baby

For the rest of you that participated, rest assured, you will still be receiving a 50% discount coupon (via email) to be used for any clutch in the shop! (And to those of you that are planning to do so in the future)

Thanks to everyone who participated! The section “Once upon a time …”, which will display photos of our past customers will be up and running in the web-shop soon. In the meantime, here are some of the favourites: